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Note: GMHOA approval of this request does not override the need for a permit by the County, if required.


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For Major New Construction: Include copy of plat diagram noting dimension and location of proposed addition or new construction with all relative measurements of structure as well as footage from existing structures and property line. Also include elevation diagrams and description of exterior finished colors. Please list any trees or other areas which need addressing in order to complete project.

For Minor New Construction: Include copy of plat diagram showing location of proposed work. Also include elevation if applicable and description of materials to be used as well as exterior finish. Also list existing landscape or hardscapes which require modification in order to complete project.

Refurbishing and Maintenance: Indicate what you are doing, include materials list, model or style, color desired and if color and style are different from that of the original.

Tree Removal / Major Landscaping: Tree removal - Indicate reason why you are removing tree. Landscaping - Include plat diagram or landscape design drawing indicating all hardscapes, redistribution of earth, removal or addition of dirt and any major trees to be removed. Plans require drainage of property.


Subdivision Speed Limit---25 MPH